I’m Ianara Natividad. I also go by Imachinate. And vice versa.
I edit, I write, I worldbuild.

I’m currently an Editor for Paizo Inc., and the Editorial Department Chair and a writer at Worldbuilding Magazine. I’ve also joined the editing team for Swordsfall, an Afropunk Sci-Fantasy RPG. Over the years, I have written for several gaming and geek culture sites.

I love games, fantasy, and writing. Video games and tabletop games, like Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons, have had especially profound effects on my life. I intend to expand my editing and writing work to further my career in content creation, in whatever form that takes.

Thanks for your time! I hope you’ll join me as I share my past, present, and future projects.

Here’s What People Say About Me

Always an amazing experience working with Ianara! Very tasteful writing with a willingness to cover almost anything, and exceptional researching skills that shows a true interest in so many subjects. I’m always amazed by the work!

Jake Rocheleau

…A skillful writer. Work was delivered on time and in good quality. Work was done according to guidelines and exceed our expectations in terms of amount and quality! Would recommend!

Mandragora Studio

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