The inner imachinations of my mind are an enigma. At least until they make it onto this blog.

Ianara Natividad
  • DM Tip #1.5: Mastering the Mentality, Part 2
    In my last post, I gave a spiel on how I got started in tabletop gaming and then running my own D&D campaigns. I’ve experienced a lot of groups, both as a player in a campaign and running a few of my own. At the time of writing this post,Continue reading “Blog”
  • DM Tip #1: Mastering the Mentality, Part 1
    There’s already a lot of content out there about being a Dungeon Master (DM), how to do it, and other tips and tricks. I’m especially fond of Matt Colville’s videos for how candid and generally informative they are. Hearing what other people do and their experiences is a great start,Continue reading “Blog”

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