On top of editing and writing, my interests in worldbuilding extend to other areas. After all, worldbuilding shows up whenever someones makes something up in a fictional world, such as in games, novels, comics, and more. I’m eager to expand my experiences in the ways that I (currently) know best.

On top of my personal writing projects, I’m open to taking different kinds of work.

Get in touch if you have a project you want to discuss with me.

Podcasts & Discussions

Worldcasting is a fantastic project made possible by Worldbuilding Magazine. I’ve appeared on a number of episodes. I enjoy talking and learning about worldbuilding with professionals that love it as much (if not more) as I do.

If you have a similar project, I’m open to getting involved.

Gaming & Reviewing

I really like video games, tabletop games, board games, etc. I can play for the fun of it just as I can dive into theorycraft and analysis. Admittedly, I do tend to favor titles that have excellent worldbuilding, but I’m willing to try a wide assortment of games.

If you have a game you’d like me to experience and review, feel free to contact me with details.

Alpha & Beta Reading

Writing an epic story? Coming up with a world? Want a sense for how you’re doing? Fortunately, I have a working knowledge of worldbuilding theory and practices. I’ve also vetted works for publication, so I have an acute sense for quality.

If you need extra eyes, I can serve as an alpha or beta reader to give feedback on your worldbuilding and prose.

Want to reach out?

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